Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Limerick City's image crisis

As a resident of Limerick city I am growing a little weary of seeing the Rubberbandits profiting from its terrible image problem. Their crass sense of humour and f**k you mentality is only adding to the negative perception people have of our city. They are feeding into the view of Limerick as an 'anything goes' kind of place which is wrong. There is nothing funny about the generational poverty and the large proportion of its citizens who cannot afford a mortgage. Its notorious housing estates of Moyross and Southill are known throughout Ireland. The 'stab city' image is so ingrained in the national psyche that there Limerick City Council has to employ a full time 'communications executive' in order to keep Limerick in the headlines for the right reasons. This perception of Limerick is not limited to Ireland/Northern Ireland but goes beyond this island into the UK, where some of its national newspapers such as 'The Guardian' have run some negative stories in the past. The joke is wearing thin lads...

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